Hand Made

By Jo Jeromin, 1990 - 2016

I get asked many times why can't you send the jewellery quickly. Don't you have basic models in stock?

Over the past 25 years I have created over 2800 basic models. All these models are available in Yellow Gold , White Gold , Platinum , Bi Color and in Silver. In addition each charm can then be chosen with stones , Diamonds , Rubies , Sapphires in different shades & colors. All then set in almost any position. The post on the back can alsow be set on most models at 3 different positions. TOP , MIDDLE , BOTTOM when looking at the charms in my catalog. This possibility of multi positioning covers short too long nails

Each modell can then be made as a "DP" dangle post. This means the charm is hanging over the edge of the nail.
Adding and multiplying all these possibilities one will see that we are talking of over 100000 combinations that are possible.

After all these points I need to mention that all Nail Jewellery is HAND MADE.
I use vacuum casting method to produce the basic model. After the casting all steps are from hand to hand. The last step being setting the stones.
All these steps are done in my workshop and nothing is obtained from others supliers other the metalls Gold , Silver and Stones.
I have a team of 7 that assist me. Starting in assisting in handling inquieries , orders and assisting and working in the workshop.

All tools needed to fit the jewellery on the nail is supplied by us.

I know you will have questions. Don't hesitate to contact us with all you wish to know.
It is often easier to think a phone call is quicker. But I can only suggest to use the Email for first contact and questions. We can then see if we can help with excisting info material with photos to help to understand Finger Nail Jewellery.

Yours sincerely . . . .
Jo Jeromin