Nail jewellery in its perfection.

Nail Jewellery & metal

Finger Nail Jewellery and the correct alloy

When looking at all jewellery types such as earrings, necklace, bracelets and finger rings, the fingernail jewellery is the most heavily strained piece of jewellery.

Nail Jewellery & stones

Finger Nail Jewellery and the correct stones

Having stones set onto finger nail jewellery to enhance its light and sparkle is
easier said than done. Like mentioned in . . . 


Tools needed and professional application of nail charms

You are finished with your manicure, nail strengthening, or nail extension. . . .

All Nail Jewellery is handmade  .  .  .

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The 4c of Diamonds 

When talking about diamonds, one of the first things that is brought into a conversation is, …do you know of the 4c’s …. ? Almost every internet presentation having something to do with diamonds feels the need to decorate them selves with this all so important knowledge. Unfortunately one sees very seldom a reference to the creators of this 4c grading system.

How to choose a Diamond

So lets give credit to GIA who made the 4c grading system possible for all of us to use and make
buying diamonds relatively safe.

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